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Boxing Results

The latest boxing results for 2017.

Last updated 2017-01-22 17:23.

2017-01-22 17:23
01/20/17 Lopez vs. Roman Roman, 9th rd RTD.
01/14/17 DeGale vs. Jack 12 rd MD draw.
01/13/17 Lara vs. Foreman Lara, 4th rd KO.
12/31/16 Oguni vs. Guzman Oguni, 12 rd UD.
12/31/16 Corrales vs. Uchiyama Corrales, 12 rd SD.
12/31/16 Tanaka vs. Fuentes Tanaka, 5th rd TKO.
12/30/16 Inoue vs. Kono  Inoue, 6th rd TKO.
12/23/16 Beterbiev vs. Prieto Beterbiev, 1st rd TKO.
12/17/16 Smith Jr. vs. Hopkins Smith Jr., 8th rd KO.
12/14/16 Niyomtrong vs Ono Niyomtrong, 12 rd UD.
12/10/16 Crawford vs. Molina Jr. Crawford, 8th rd TKO.
12/10/16 Charlo vs. Williams Charlo, 5th rd KO.
12/10/16 Joshua vs. Molina Joshua, 3rd rd TKO.
12/10/16 Parker vs. Ruiz Jr. Parker, 12 rd MD.
12/10/16 Yafai vs. Concepcion Yafai, 12 rd UD.
12/10/16 Chavez Jr. vs Britsch Chavez, 10 rd UD.
12/03/16 Saunders vs. Akavov Saunders, 12 rd UD.
12/03/16 Gassiev vs. Lebedev Gassiev, 12 rd SD.
12/03/16 Troyanovsky vs. Indongo Indongo, 1st rd KO.
11/26/16 Lomachenko vs. Walters Lomachenko, 7th rd RTD.
11/26/16 Flanagan vs. Cruz Flanagan, 8th rd TKO.
11/19/16 Ward vs. Kovalev Ward, 12 rd UD.
11/18/16 Groves vs. Gutknecht Groves, 12 rd UD.
11/12/16 Garcia vs. Vargas Garcia, 7th rd TKO.
11/12/16 Ortiz vs. Scott Ortiz, 12 rd UD.
11/05/16 Pacquiao vs. Vargas Pacquiao, 12 rd UD.
11/05/16 Magdaleno vs. Donaire Magdaleno, 12 rd UD.
11/05/16 Zeuge vs. De Carolis Zeuge, 12 rd TKO.
10/29/16 Lopez vs. Vazquez Jr. Lopez, 11th rd TKO.
10/22/16 Eggington vs. Gavin Eggington, 8th rd TKO.
10/22/16 Butler vs. Ruiz Butler, 10 rd PTS.
10/15/16 Bellew vs. Flores Bellew, 3rd rd TKO.
10/15/16 Ceylan vs. Walsh Ceylan, 12 rd SD.
10/14/16 Quinlan vs. Geale Quinlan, 2nd rd KO.
10/08/16 Walsh vs. Klimov Walsh, 12 rd UD.
10/07/16 Burns vs. Relikh Burns, 12 rd UD.
10/01/16 Cleverly vs. Braehmer Cleverly, 6th rd RTD.
09/24/16 Linares vs. Crolla Linares, 12 rd UD.
09/17/16 Alvarez vs. Smith Alvarez, 9th rd KO.
09/16/16 Yamanaka vs. Moreno Yamanaka, 7th rd TKO.
09/10/16 Golovkin vs. Brook Golovkin, 5th rd TKO.

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Boxing Society lists fight results for specific boxers only such as top ranked fighters and prospects. Sometimes these results are later overturned or changed. We also may have made an error. Be sure to click on the fighter's name to check for accuracy.

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